Welcome to Paul & Penny's Music Page

We have a rather large collection of MP3s that we got by ripping our CDs and recording from our Vinyl LPs. Obvously, you won't find any of these files available for download or online listening, because we don't want to violate any copyright laws.

Our tastes run mainly to classic rock, however we also enjoy oldies, folk, traditional and modern country, dixieland jazz, blues, and even easy listening. The things you won't hear playing at our house are opera and rap. Don't understand the language of opera and don't like the message of rap.

Our music is housed on a PC dedicated to serving the music. The output from the sound card is plugged into the auxiliary port on our main stereo receiver. The receiver allows for to output zones, and the second zone runs to an old JVC stereo amp with dual speaker outputs. This allows us to listen to something besides music in the house and music in the back yard. When the old JVC gives out, I'm going to get a multi-channel separator and run music to the garage too.

The software I use to manage the collection and serve it is called Media Monkey. I used Musicmatch Jukebox for years before Yahoo bought it and destroyed it. I keep my collection sorted by Album Artist\Album Name\Track Number - Track Name. To get this view in Musicmatch, I had to apply custom tags to each track. The custom tags were in the database, not the individual MP3s, which was very inconvenient. Besides that, the software crashed way too often. Media Monkey has the view I like build in, so no more worries. And it does so much more and does it so much better! I've got a link to Media Monkey on the navigator. I'm so impressed with this software that I bought the lifetime subscription. Now if they just don't sell to Yahoo.....

Some of the features that I really like about Media Monkey include: